Usually, there are models and suitable weight standards on the packaging of diapers. Most mothers choose diapers based on their baby's weight. In fact, in addition to the reference value of weight, when buying diapers, mothers also need to focus on the baby's physiological characteristics during this period. The editor of Jia Qingshuang tells you how to choose diapers in different periods?
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The progress of science and technology can usually bring us a better life. If you ask Mommy what is the best invention of mankind, they will definitely say-diapers. In the 1960s, the world's first diaper was launched in the United States, which enabled moms to start a new way of parenting. Diapers can not only provide a dry environment for the baby's skin, enable them to enjoy a fuller sleep, but also liberate moms from tedious and repetitive tasks, so that they have time to work hard and have energy to enjoy life.
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It is very important to choose the right diaper for your baby to fit and fit, because the baby wears the same diaper every day. The fit and fit diaper is not only comfortable, but also effective in preventing leakage, allowing the baby to wear comfortably and move freely.
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Dear mothers, when you were changing your baby's diapers, did you remember your childhood? At that time, very few people had used diapers, and families with children were all "flaunted flags". Seeing
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