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Boy's Core Diary Walking Pants (Platinum Edition)
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Boy's Core Diary Walking Pants (Platinum Edition)

product information Brand Name: Tongxin Diary Product Name: Tongxin Diary Walking Pants (Platinum Edition) Specifications: 2 packs/piece; 46 pieces for L code; 42 pieces for XL; 38 pieces for XXL code; 36 pieces for XXXL code Applicable weight: NB ≤5KG; S 4-8KG; M 6-11KG; L 9-14KG; XL 12-17KG; XXL ≥15KG XXXL code≥17KG Applicable gender: Universal for boys and girls Shelf life: 3 years Main materials: non-woven fabric, polymer water-absorbing resin, breathable film, etc.
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1. The pull-up pants are integrally formed, and the bottom and the surface are designed with double hot air, which is soft and comfortable. Ultrasonic suture is not only soft and comfortable, but also firm and easy to tear. 2. The base film increases the silk component, which can effectively resist the bacterial cloud and soft texture caused by external contact, making the baby more comfortable
Boy\'s Core Diary Walking Pants
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