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Children's Diary Diapers (Platinum Edition)
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Children's Diary Diapers (Platinum Edition)

product information Brand Name: Tongxin Diary Product Name: Tongxin Diary Diapers (Platinum Edition) Specifications: 4 packs/piece for NB, 2 packs/piece for S-XXL; 32 pieces for NB; 58 pieces for S; 50 pieces for M; 46 pieces for L; XL42 pieces; XXL code 38 pieces Applicable weight: NB ≤5KG; S 4-8KG; M 6-11KG; L 9-14KG; XL 12-17KG; XXL ≥15KG XXXL code≥17KG Applicable gender: Universal for boys and girls Shelf life: 3 years Main materials: non-woven fabric, polymer water-absorbing resin, breathable film, etc.
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Product description

Each code is designed with an independent IP image (the pieces are individually packaged)

As a one-time product baby brand, Tongxin Diary provides a relaxed parenting experience for the new generation of parents. We advocate reducing the energy required for childcare labor, preventing the contamination of products by external bacteria, so that both parents and children can achieve a win-win situation. Why do we need to develop disposable products? Cleaner than the complicated ones, more convenient than the ones that need to be cleaned, and the new ones are indeed easier to use.

About Tongxin: Tongxin Diary is composed of "Tongxin & Diary", which means "recording the diary of the child's growth and accompanying the child at every stage, which is the creative source of Tongxin's diary." About the diary: Adhere to "growth" "Style" design concept, taking a relaxed and burdenless childhood as the core of the brand, and actively making children and parents feel free and happier is the brand attitude of Tongxin Diary.

We hope that every use of the baby will be the first use; "new is better" for the first use of diapers, the first use of drool pads, the first use of cotton pads... Accompanying each growth stage grow with the baby. Aspiring to become a "baby trendy fun brand", Tongxin Diary must become that emotional and growing TA.
Children\'s Diary Diapers
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